Choose an oxygen generator according to the product function

First, with oxygen concentration monitoring: At present, the mid-to-high-end machines on the market generally use BD clear LCD screens, and have their own oxygen monitoring device for detection, which can check the oxygen concentration of the machine in real time. If you have money to buy this function, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have it. Regular manufacturers will call the police if the oxygen concentration is lower than 82% according to national requirements. It is recommended to buy an oximeter instead. The advantage of an oximeter is to know the blood oxygen concentration of your body. If you are inhaling oxygen, but your body is still uncomfortable, and you find that the value is too low through the oximeter test, you can take active treatment immediately. According to my experience, the oxygen concentration detection provided by the oxygen concentrator is generally too high. I generally use a third-party testing instrument to determine the concentration of the oxygen concentrator. Second, the atomization function: it is not recommended to buy an atomizer with the atomization function. If you need it, you can buy an atomizer separately. 90% of people do not use the atomization function.

Secondly, the core function of the oxygen generator is the oxygen generator with atomization function. The atomization efficiency and particle size are not as high as the efficiency of a separate atomizer, and the patient’s absorption is not so full. The reason why hospitals need to use them together is because industrial integration is convenient for nurses and doctors to treat patients. If you use an atomizer to atomize the patient alone. Each bedside must have an atomizer, which will increase the workload, storage, and cost of the hospital. The hospital is from the perspective of convenient management and cost-saving, and the patient should treat the disease with the best effect. In addition, the oxygen generator of the same brand without atomization is more affordable. The wool is on the sheep. If you add an atomization function, it will increase the cost for the manufacturer, and the cost is still your own. In addition, machines with atomization function have a higher after-sales rate. Oxygen generators with atomization function need to be connected to a separate hole. If the interface is faulty, the concentration and pressure of the oxygen generator will be insufficient. Finally, imported oxygen concentrators have no atomization function. Why do imported oxygen concentrators have no atomization function? Is their technology not as advanced as ours? No, because after research, they feel that the atomization function of the oxygen generator does not need to be integrated in the oxygen generator.

Third, blood oxygen solubility test: suitable for patients with more serious conditions, and frequent monitoring, non-critically ill patients can not use this function, a separate purchase of oximeter is more convenient to carry, store, and test.

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Post time: May-24-2021